Skunks and Pesky Fleas


Thieves Household Cleaner should be required for every home. Holistic Veterinarian, Melissa Shelton, DVM wrote in her book The Animal Desk Reference Essential Oils for Animals. “In my Veterinary practice, we have documented the resolution of abnormal blood values and chronic conditions when toxic household cleaners and chemicals were exchanged for Thieves Cleaner. It is amazing how much more health we can bring to our animals when a cleaner that actually has healthy benefits is used on a regular basis, instead of toxic disinfectants.”

You can use this product as a shampoo straight out of the bottle. Also by adding Purification Essential Oil gives it an extra boost helping with the odor. It works on odors such of skunk spray or something your dog has gotten into that has left an unpleasant odor. This has been reported as being very effective for odors of all sort.  Also, fleas are quickly washed off and start to die when you shampoo your dog in Thieves Household Cleaner.


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