A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s

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Do you home school? Should I send my children to public school?

Is a private Christian school the answer? Well any of those could be the right answer. It depends on your child.

I will admit when my children were younger I said they would never go to public school. I said I was going to home school them.  Do you know we have not home schooled. We have done public school. We have done private school too.

So how do you know what is the best answer? I would suggest you pray first. Find out what they are teaching in your schools of options? Visit schools and do your homework. Is the curriculum in agreement with your beliefs? Is your child a leader? Is your child a follower? Is your child at an age to be an example to the lost? Will you child stand up to peer pressure? Will your child follow the crowd?

Then realize that if you have more than one child you have to answer these questions for each child. What works for one, may not work for the next one.  Is God leading you to home school?

I cannot answer these questions for you. I can tell you that our personal journey has not been what I had planned for us.

I know families that home school all the way through high school and do it well. I know families that send one child to public and another to private. I know families that home school part of the way and then send them to private. I know some that home school part way and then do public. I know families that go back and forth between public and home school and literally evalute each year with lots of prayer. The scenarios could continue on  and on.

The thing I am finally realizing is that all choices can be right. You have to figure out where God wants your children to be. I know amazing families that put their children in public school because that is where God wants those children to shine their light to the lost.  It is well.

I can tell you that if you think a private Christian school will be Eutopia then you are in for an awakening. Don’t get me wrong, private Christian can be amazing but it will have problems just like anything of this world. Sin is in the world and there isn’t a hiding place to isolate ourselves from it.

Home school is the one I thought we would do and guess what? God did not call us to home school or at least he has not called us there yet.

Don’t think you have it figured out until you hear God on this. Don’t judge others decisions on where they choose to educate their children. God knows where they need to be for Him to receive glory and that is not up for us to decide or pass judgment

There are good people in public, home and private schools. There are negatives in all of those places too. God knows where each of your children needs to be and he will provide the way if you seek Him, trust Him and obey Him.

We would love to hear about your education journey!


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