10 Ways to Teach Kids to Pray


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  1. Let them see you pray.
  2. Let them hear your pray. Besides praying a quick thank you prayer before you eat, let your children hear you call on God.
  3. You start the prayer and have them finish. This doesn’t have to be a big prayer. Start small and let it grow.
  4. Pray anytime during the day out loud with them. Thank you Jesus for ____. These little  prayers of thank you just keep pointing them to Jesus.
  5. Pray in the car. Make the most of your time when they are seat belted in and still. Pray on the way to school or the store. Pray as you pass a wreck. Pray for their protection. Pray for God to wrap his protective arms around them and watch over them while they are away from you that day.
  6. Pray with passion!! Be respectful when you are praying, but put your heart into it.
  7. Pray with them in the midst of their crisis whether it be a skinned knee or a big test coming up.
  8. Start praying with them from the time they are babies or if you’re pregnant, pray out loud now.
  9. Pray with them in the presence of siblings. Have them pray with you and siblings. It will give them confidence to pray in front of others.
  10. Pray more than just asking. ACTS is a quick way to remember. Adoration–acknowledging God as Lord, Confession–ask forgiveness, Thanksgiving–thank you Jesus, and Supplication–requesting needs for you and others.


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