Sun and Essential Oils

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Summer time is one of my favorite times of the year. I love my essential oils too! I use my oils all summer long, but there are some guidelines to remember.

Photosensitive essential oils are sensitive to sunlight. Oils applied to the skin before sun exposure can cause a rash or burn. Oils applied to the bottoms of feet and under clothing should be fine. Below are recommend times to avoid the sun after applying oils to sun exposed skin. If you are fair skinned, lengthen the times.

Avoid these oils on skin for at least 24 hours before being in the sun.

Lemon      Orange   Bergamot   Angelica   Cumin  Grapefruit    Ginger    Mandarin    Tangerine

Avoid using Lime on sun exposed skin for 72 hours.

Blends to use under clothing or on the bottoms of feet are:

Abundance  Awaken  Christmas Spirit  Citrus Fresh  Clarity  Deep Relief  Di-Gize  Dragon Time   Dream Catcher   Envision Forgiveness   Gentle Baby   GLF   Grounding   Harmony   Immupower  Inner Child   Into the Future   Joy   Legacy   Live with Passion   Longevity   Peace and Calming  Raven   SARA   Surrender   Stress Away   Thieves   Trauma Life   White Angelica

The only oils we recommend are Young Living.  Please contact us at for more information or to join our Lavender and Armour team.



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