Fresh Laundry

I always notice the way other people have fresh smelling clothes or towels. I love it, but I won’t purchase scented laundry soap. I can’t do it. Everything is pure and free or whatever label that indicates zero fragrance. We have allergy issues in our house.

I am super laid back  in some areas of my life. Then there are health areas where I am a total freak. I’m a germ freak (but that doesn’t mean I can’t get dirty in my garden). I’m a “try your very best not to take a pill freak”.  I can tell you the evils of everything once thought healthy, like multi-vitamins. The health industry is nearly as controversial as politics! Pick a side, any side. If you aren’t right today, you’ll surely be right next week.

Oh, laundry, laundry, laundry! I got distracted telling you about my neurosis. Of course, I was joking. Kind of. Kind of not. Kind of.

So, I won’t buy  laundry soap with any kind of added fragrance. What to do?

Take an old sock that has lost the mate. Put about 3 drops of essential oil on it and toss it in the dryer with your clothes. You will love your fresh smelling clothes!

I like Purification essential oil. I even put a drop in my scentless laundry soap once in a while when I notice my front end machine smelling a little funky.

lav purple water bloom

I’d love to hear how you use your oils to sweeten the smell of your home.

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