Running to or away?

We live in this crazy, busy world today. Technology is racing faster with each second, literally.  I grew up in a slower time. I actually had time to be bored as a child. I mean I remember going out to the back yard and climbing the fence, then up in the tree and just sitting there. I would sit and just think. I had time to think. I didn’t have to worry about checking my phone to see if my friends were messaging, snapping, tweeting or storming my castle in the latest, coolest on-line game.

We played outside. We rode bicycles. We rode our ponies. We played Charlie’s Angels for Pete’s sake. Really, if you were a girl in the 70’s didn’t you want to look like Farrah? We rode go-carts just for fun. We visited grandparents often.  We did chores. Yes, if we complained about being bored we even did extra chores because we had time to do them. You’ve all heard this a bazillion times before though. Life is always greener 30 years ago, right?!  The toys were cool, the music was the best and you went to church a few times a week too.

lav 1970 kids

Today, we are doing homework. We have sports for 2 year olds.  We are getting tutors for our elementary students.  We have select sports for our average kids. You know they are average. Sure there are some above average, but somewhere there is an average child. Admit it, your neighbor’s kid is average.  We are enrolled in as many summer camps as we can squeeze in. We take piano lessons and Mandarin lessons because we all know China is moving across that ocean. We eat out. We eat in the car. We eat in the bleachers. We eat fast. We work. We work at work. We work at home. We work while waiting in line.

Should we have a moment free we plan our entertainment. We plan and we plan. Disney, cruises, adventure trips, Europe, our driving tour of the good ole U.S of A. You name it and we can plan it big.

We do Jesus. We do Jesus when none of the above conflicts. Ouch! We don’t put baby in a corner, but boy do we ever put Jesus there.

Oh! I send my kids to Christian camp! I send my kids to VBS. I send my kids to Christian school.  That is super but it is modeling Jesus as the number one priority for your kids?

So here is where I am being real. Why? Why am I doing select sports that own my family? Why are my kids going to a school where they do homework for hours every night? Why are my kids so busy that when they have 20 minutes they are lost for lack of someone rushing them or instructing them to the next thing? Why are they in a gym 18 hours a week after school? Why am I sending my kids to camp all summer?

Are they going to be pro athletes? Are they going to be CEO’s?  Are they going to make the Super Sonic Flying Monkey team that gets to go to FunWorld? Does it really matter in 10,000 years if they do? Probably not if I’m being honest.

I don’t know. I do know something is wrong when we can’t fit in fellowship and worship with other believers once or twice a week.

What is your why? Why are you prioritizing Jesus as #1? Why is Jesus your fire insurance plan only? Why do your kids think the coach’s opinion is more important that being in church? Why are you too tired to get up two hours later than the other days of the week and take your family to church?

Are you okay with Jesus ranking 10th? 20th? Maybe on Easter if we aren’t too tired?

Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.”



Is Jesus your Band-Aid or are you rejoicing always? Fight the right fight.

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