Just Plain Tired

I was tired of hurting, crying, yelling, missing people, missing out, feeling worthless, not being able to let go. I was tired of pretending, JUST PLAIN TIRED!  I was at my lowest point and COULD NOT see a bright future.

Then I heard Him say, “Pray without ceasing.”  On my knees, I started praying, praying, praying. All I had to offer were tears, tears mixed with prayers.  Day after day I prayed. I was certain He wasn’t hearing me.  Night after night I prayed.  I prayed continually.

Then I heard Him, He was there.  He was always there and He had heard everything I had asked Him.  He picked me up off the floor, wiped my tears away and said, ” I will never leave you nor abandon you.  Just as I feed all the birds, I AM taking care of you.  I have seen all your disappoints and loss in your life.  I have collected every single tear you have shed.  Justice is Mine, Forgive.”

I woke up today and I knelt down and prayed a prayer of gratefulness.  A prayer full of hope, love and faith. I prayed for strength and guidance.  I thanked Him for teaching me how to forgive.  I forgave, I let go.  I turned and looked outside.  I saw the sun, brightly shining. There He was.  He was showing me my future. My glorious FUTURE!!

John 11:40      Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

Standing in His presence, Protected by His armour


Pray without Ceasing,

Lavender & Armour

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