Essential Oils Highly Concentrated


Did you know:

Essential Oils are Highly Concentrated

256 pounds of peppermint leaf to make one pound of peppermint essential oil

150 pounds or more of lavender flowers to make one pound of lavender essential oil

Thousands of pounds of roses to make 1 pound of rose essential oil

Essential oils contain very concentrated properties of the herb or plant they are derived from. A very small amount of EOs often has the qualities of many cups of herbal tea from the same plant. For instance, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 26-28 cups of peppermint tea. This isn’t to say essential oils should not be used, but they should be used carefully, with proper education and in safe amounts. If you wouldn’t ingest dozens of cups of an herbal tea, you should probably think twice before consuming the equivalent amount of essential oils.


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