I’m So Excited



My 3-year-old grand-daughter believes the best way to show her excitement is to give a compliment. She always starts out this expression of gratitude with these three words,”I’m so excited”, proceeded with a compliment. That is her way of saying, “I love what you are doing for me.”

She came to visit and I decided it would be great to take her to the latest Pixar movie. When we got to the theater, of course we head straight for popcorn and candy. Never do we get a drink, her mother has strict rules about sodas, I barely get away with the candy. I pay for our purchase, turn and hand her the candy and the container of milk I have in my purse. With the popcorn and tickets in my hand, and milk and candy in her hands, we proceed to theater #7. Just before we enter, she stops looks up at me and says “I’m so excited, I love your shoes!” I look down at my worn scuffed slip on canvas shoes and look back up at her smiling face.  I immediately start laughing and bend down and hugged that sweet innocent angel. Seeing all her excitement made me see the joy she was feeling at the time.

When I thought back on this wonderful moment, I realized, isn’t that what God wants from me? He sees my life is like my shoes worn and scuffed. But all he wants to do is make my life sparkle. He has so much to give me. A life full of excitement and a walk full of grace and mercy. God has taken my worn scuff shoes and made them sparkle!

Wake up excited about your life, put your shoes on and walk with God. Take advice from an innocent child, and tell Him “I love what you are doing for me.”

I’m so excited, I love your shoes!




Palms 8:2 Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.

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