The Legend of the Dogwood:

In Jesus’ time, the Dogwood tree had grown to a great size, like that of an Oak tree! They used it to build the cross that Jesus was hung on. This made the Dogwood tree sad. Jesus, sensing this sadness, promised the Dogwood tree that it would never again grow large enough to build a cross. It’s branches would be narrow and crooked-not good for building at all.

And now the Dogwood tree has many traits to remember this promise:

1) The Dogwood flower has 4 petals, shaped like a cross:


2) The middle of the Dogwood flower, a crown of thorns :


3) At the edge of each petals, a nail dent:


4) The nail dents are stained with the color of Jesus’ blood:

Whether this legend is true or not does NOT take away from what our Lord and Savior did for us upon that cross. The miracle of His resurrection is still where we focus our energy and love.


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