Observations from a New Homeschool Mom


I am new to this homeschooling gig.  God moved us to this new routine from a traditional 5 day a week private school, before that normal public school. Kids now go to school two days a week and I have them at home the other three days. I did not plan this! Only God could do this and make it successful. Seriously, just a few months before I actually said words to my husband that were something along the lines of “If I ever think about homeschooling, knock me over the head!”

There are some things I noticed right off the bat. My son, who is a typical boy, and by that I mean he loves action, is thriving. He is a first born, rule follower. He does not get in trouble at school. He will do what is ask of him. I now see how hard it is to put this type of boy in a desk for 7 or 8 hours a day. I now see how hard it is for a boy like this to be ask to be quiet all day. I now see how hard it is for a boy like this to come home and sit and do homework all evening. I realize you can’t have 20 children  talking all day, up bouncing around all day or you get nothing done. 3 days a week, one boy can work on a subject and go shoot baskets for 5 minutes. 3 days a week, one boy can talk when he needs to and be free to ask for help when he needs it without embarrassment. 3 days a week, one boy can run outside and get some fresh air and feed the chickens. I have noticed when the boy’s brain and all that energy aren’t being asked to do the same thing all day and sit still all day it makes a huge difference! Thriving.

My children have become friends. They don’t just love each other because we’re a family any more. They truly enjoy each other. They are the opposite sex and a few years apart and yet they play! They are as different as night and day yet they play. This is the childhood I always imagine for them.

We have time. We have free time. We have our evenings. We have our weekends. We can do things. I don’t mean we can run from one event to the next. We play sports. We go to church and we still have time to do things!  We did sports and church in our “old life” (which honestly was so busy and stressed it wasn’t a quality life). Now we do things with joy because we aren’t always on the go. We aren’t always rushing back to homework.

We are home! This sounds funny, but we aren’t always in the car or the car pool line now. We are home and now the kids have time to help around the house! Don’t get me wrong, the last few years were exactly where we were meant to be, so don’t think I’m throwing stones. Previously however, the kids were so busy with school and getting to the next thing that I felt guilty asking them to do the smallest chores at home, because honestly they were only home long enough to sleep, eat and do homework. We we’re never the family that did everything either. We tried to limit them to one activity per season, unless two might overlap for a week or so.  Now, we have what feels like time. Time to just chill! The introvert in me is revelling in that. I was born to chill.

Anxiety? Well let’s just say that is way down. I think we have found “our people”. When I say “our people” I mean those that have slowed down and realized it isn’t all about tomorrow, but it is about today. Today is a good day to enjoy and bring glory to God.  I think many of “our people” are old friends from the “old life”, but they are possibly  still on the hamster wheel because God hasn’t moved them, yet. The hamster wheel does work for some. Although I know there are those out there that are desperately trying to jump free from the wheel. Honestly, I didn’t plan our wheel escape. I was a bit lulled into a trance believing it was working for us. It did and then it didn’t.

We are only a few weeks into this new routine, but it seems to be more peaceful than I ever imagined. I’m not saying we haven’t had our loopy, crazy moments as we’ve tried to adjust. We have. Although,I remember last year after about two weeks of school I was begging for summer to hurry up and get here. Then again at Christmas I was still thinking we might not survive. I don’t feel that way anymore. I’m content. My husband is thrilled to have his family back. My children have their childhood to be kids. If you read my previous post about the stressed out mom then you got a taste of the beginning. Let’s just say we are now really digging this and I can sort of get why people home school. Who’da thunk it?


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