Temper Tantrum

I was driving a few weeks ago and I was ranting. I was also alone in my car, except for me and God. No, I wasn’t mad at God but I’m wise enough or maybe just old enough to have learned when to hold my tongue in certain situations. Well, sometimes I’m wise enough! There are certainly plenty of times I should have held it and didn’t. This time I saved it for the car ride with God.  So, back to my tale. I was ranting to God and going off about a certain matter that was just driving me crazy. I was letting God know exactly WHY this thing was what it was. I don’t really get mad at God and I don’t blame Him for bad things at all. I guess I’m just not wired that way.  But boy howdy, I was having a fit and a loud fit. I mean I was mad, very mad. I was irate and I wanted somebody to know about it. I was letting God in on all of my dirty laundry.

When I was less than 2 years old I had thrown myself down in the floor. My mother says it was a bit of a thing with me for a while. I would get upset and get in the floor and scream, cry and kick about. She was a first time mom with me and was wondering at what age is a child old enough to know better than to throw a fit. So, one day I am in the floor proceeding to make a fool of myself and she just stopped and asked me, by my first AND middle name “what are you doing?” I stopped my hissy and announced in a more than sassy little voice”just throwing another temper tantrum!” I am quite sure you can guess how that ended. She now had her answer.

I didn’t hear God use my full name in the car that day to get my attention. I did hear that my priorities were off. I did hear that I was too concerned about things of this world than eternity matters.

The moral of it is that I probably don’t need to get so angry about material things. I do know that no matter what God is here for me. He is a good, good father and he listens to me even when I’m a bit crazed. He even answers me. Just know that whatever you are going through today, God is here and he is with you too. Just call out to him even in the midst of a total tantrum because He is with you and he truly cares.



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