Mid-life Irritability?

la crazy mom

Let me paint a picture for you and maybe you can relate.

Does it seem that for pretty much all of your life until now you’ve been a calm and reasonable person? Did you think PMS was just an excuse women used for being ugly to others? Pretty much nothing ruffled your feathers. Happy, easy going and just pleasant all the time? Was that the you of yesterday?

Are you not that way anymore? Late 30’s or even into your 40’s now and sometimes you feel like you are watching yourself in a bad movie just totally losing your cool?  Maybe you’ve talked to your doctor about these “mood swings” and good ole doc just grabs the prescription pad and writes you up for some anti-depressants. But you know, you aren’t depressed, you just have this instant ridiculous temper that comes out of nowhere and scares everybody around and then it is gone. Just like that, back to normal and it leaves you wondering “Who was that crazy woman?” Are you raging mad over the littlest things? Are you loud? Do your kinds run when your head spins on your shoulders? Are you having a hard time sleeping without waking up during the night? Anxiety? Hot flashes, but not in menopause yet? Joints are aching and you aren’t even old yet?

If any of this sounds familiar, then you probably aren’t crazy, depressed or even a bad person. Did you know women need testosterone? Yeah, it’s not just for the boys! Turns out testosterone is the happy hormone and when it takes a dive it can cause you to act like a raging fool. Low testosterone will mess up your sleep too. Depressed or suffering anxiety, guess what? Yes, testosterone again because your brain needs balance hormones to produce serotonin for emotional balance. Not interested in the bedroom anymore? Oh yes, good old testosterone to the rescue.

Let me be perfectly clear, we are not doctors. We are every day normal women. We are not in the hormone business. If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing something above sounds somewhat familiar to you or someone you know though.  Someone told me to get my hormones checked several years ago and it changed my life. It changed my family life and all for the better. You know the saying “Ain’t nobody happy if mama ain’t happy.” Oh.So.True!

What now? Just google it. I do the bio-identical pellets. If you think this might be  you, then go get your hormones tested. Go somewhere that knows about this. My normal doctor just wanted to put me on an anti-depressant, seriously. I knew I was not depressed. My symptoms were not even close to those of depression, although depression is a symptom of low-testosterone. I thought I was a little bit crazy with the irritability. Thank goodness a friend told me to get my hormones checked and where to go to do it. I like the bio-identical pellets. I love my pellets. My husband loves my pellets. My children know when the pellets have run out!

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. This post is just part of our story. We are not trying to diagnose or treat anyone. Your symptoms maybe part of  any number of illnesses. If  you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant soon, talk to you doctor. Hormones can impact the baby.