Summer, fruit and gnats!

Do you have a gnat problem this time of year? We constantly have fruits or vegetables on the counters in the summer. The gnats show up without fail! My husband walks around swinging a dish towel like the terminator or some great Kung Fu master on a mission. It’s a bit entertaining to watch, but not very effective.

la fruit photo

I just learned a gnat removal trick that actually works!! I tried everything last year and I could lure them in, but I never could keep them down.

Here is the trick and it is easy!! I love it when home recipes work and are simple.

Take a shallow bowl or dish and put about a quarter to half inch of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. Then add several drops of dish soap. I used the blue stuff that looks like Dawn but isn’t because I have a septic system that won’t handle real Dawn, just in case you were wondering.

Leave your dish of gnat be gone out on the counter and just watch how many gnats you catch!